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Norwegian Sommelier Education

The Norwegian Sommelier Education (NSU) is one of Norway’s and eventually Scandinavia’s leading programs for wine and beverages. The school was established in 2002 and is currently owned and operated by Ken Engebretsen.

Ken, along with his staff, is responsible for the daily operations of the school. Together, they organize the teaching and practical aspects of the school. Ken graduated as a sommelier from the Gastronomic Institute in 1996 and worked at Bagatelle and Le Canard for 10 years. He was named the best Oslo apprentice across all professions in 1996. For the last 15 years, he has been dedicated to imparting wine knowledge through numerous wine lectures and wine tours. From 2008 to 2014, he served as the regular wine columnist for Dagbladet. Besides NSU, he also runs Vinoteca, specializing in building wine cellars for the restaurant and private markets. Ken has a burning passion for wine and the restaurant industry, with the motto – «the magic of the white cloth.»

Our most popular classes:


Discover our Online Introductory Course, which has had great success over the past two years. In January 2023, we have taken a leap forward, presenting you with entirely new studio-recorded sessions.

Start your wine journey with our highly enriched and intensive wine course, carefully curated with over 10 years of pedagogical and professional expertise. Led by the charismatic Ken Engebretsen, a true connoisseur with 25 years of wide wine knowledge, this course promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Immerse yourself in our state-of-the-art studio environment, equipped with cutting-edge technology, and embrace the world of wines like never before. Join us now for an enriching and delightful wine education that will leave you craving for more. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to become a true wine enthusiast with our exceptional course!

What you will get in the course

You will receive a tasting kit with 26 wines and tasting sheets sent to your home, regardless of where you live. Additionally, you will have access to the recordings on an educational learning platform with questions after each module to enhance your learning experience. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a diploma. This course is perfect for those working with wine or simply having a great passion for the subject. The course takes approximately 16 hours, and you take the course when it suits you, within 3 weeks from the date the course starts.

Tasting Technique

You will receive a tasting kit with 26 wines.

Combining Food and Wine

Enhance your dining experiences.

Open to Everyone

You don’t have to work in the hotel and restaurant industry to take this course.

Take the course at your convenience

You will have access to online recordings with high-quality audio and video.


NOK 6.900,-

The course includes:

  • Professional recordings made in January 2023
  • Tasting kit delivered with 26 wines and tasting sheets
  • Summary compendiums
  • Course certificate upon completion
  • Bronze pin sent by mail

Recommended literature (not necessary to complete the course):

Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine, available only in English

(it is recommended to order online well in advance as it can be difficult to obtain at times)



This entry level course is perfect for anyone who has a passion for wine. A connection to the hotel- and restaurant business is not required. You will, over the course of 4 days, learn the basics about the world´s most important wine countries, be introduced to how to pair food and wine as well as hands-on experiences like wine tasting, decanting etc.

This course can be organized in English depending on demand.

For more information – contact us at: e-mail



NOK 7.900,-


Becoming a sommelier requires an insatiable interest for wine, dedication and ultimately a lot of hard work. Worth it? Yes, because the sommelier title will open doors to new and exciting roles within the hotel- and restaurant business. And not only that, you will suddenly qualify for manager positions, be a decision-maker in your organization and be one of the few who holds this title and knowledge within the industry.

The classes are divided into spring- and fall semester and starts every January and August. Over the course of 36 Mondays, you will learn how to navigate professional and confident through the world of wine.

The classes cover:

  • Introduction and in-depth descriptions of the most important wine countries in the world
  • Description of smaller/new wine countries i.e. England, Denmark and Croatia
  • Wine and beer tasting techniques
  • Practical subjects – opening, decanting, glass selection, storage etc.
  • Sommelier and guest psychology
  • How to pair food and wine
  • Beer, spirits, dessert wines and other beverages

Wine tasting is an important part of the course and are organized throughout the lectures.

Exams will be held in November – one day written exam followed by one day practical exam.

Our lecturers:

Our lecturers are selected based on their merits, teaching skills and ability to convey their knowledge and enthusiasm for a certain field. Different lecturers will teach the various classes based on their specific field of knowledge.

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NOK 56.500,-


Where to study:

Introduction to wine and the one-year sommelier course are available in various cities in Norway and Denmark. You can study in:


  • Oslo
  • Bergen
  • Trondheim
  • Stavanger


  • Copenhagen
  • Aarhus

About us

Norwegian Sommelier Education (NSU) was established in 2002 by Ken Engebretsen. NSU enjoys a leading position within wine and beverage education in Norway.

Ken has an extensive background from Michelin star restaurants and a sommelier education from Institute of Gastronomy. Today, he is the manager of NSU as well the founder of Vinoteca – a company specializing in designing and building wine cellars for private and co-operate market.

Nina Deberitz is in charge of all questions regarding classes/courses, subject schedules etc.


If you would like to contact us contact our administration leader Nina on +47 93055667 or by email:

Brobekkveien 38
0598 Oslo

Be adviced, this is only our administration address. Classes and courses take place at different venues.